Development Aid from People to People UK

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Registered with Companies House on 77 Abington Street, Northampton, NN12BH

Registered Company No 6038406

and with the Charity Commission

Registered Charity No 1118290

DAPP UK is a charity collecting and selling donated goods of quality for reasonable prices to support educational projects.

Our Objectives:

(A) To provide and support programs of education, training and development world wide aimed at the relief of poverty and the development of the poorer populations

One of the millennium goals says: ‘All children in the world have the right to education.’

Globally, more than a hundred million children still don’t have any access to schooling.

Teaching the young generation to read and write is essential for the development of the poorer nations.

Training young people in vocational skills give them the ability to make a living, support their families and develop their community.

(B) To relieve poverty, distress and suffering in any part of the world through emergency and disaster relief serving victims of hunger, war, natural disasters and all other kinds of catastrophes in particular by the provision of , or assistance in the provision of the rehabilitation and relocation of people and rebuilding programs in respect of affected areas;

Climate change is a major threat to development – natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods have increased in intensity and severity. Higher temperatures will cause diseases like malaria to spread. Shorter and more changeable rainy seasons will cause crops to fail. Greater competition over resources could lead to conflict.

DAPP UK, linked to other organizations in the developing world, want to help victims rebuilding their lives, securing clean water and food, rebuilding houses, schools and clinics, organizing the communities.

(C) To conserve and protect the natural habitat for the public benefit through, but not in any way limited to, initiating protective actions to preserve the rivers, seas and forests from misuse and the undertaking of projects aimed at protecting the natural habitat of earth.

Serious questions like global warming threatening natural habitat and our future on the planet urgently has to be addressed.

DAPP UK will be involved in actions, which raise awareness in our part of the world and at the same time protect the natural habitat both here and in the poorest areas of the world.