Collection of clothes

DAPP UK sells donated clothes and shoes, books and bric-a-brac. Most of these clothes come from our clothing banks placed in the streets. A small part of the donated items is donated directly to the shops.

In order to get the clothes from our clothing banks to the shops, DAPP UK uses Planet Aid UK as its main contractor for collection and sorting.

Planet Aid UK Limited is the recognized operator on behalf of DAPP UK and is directly responsible for the maintenance of DAPP's clothing banks. The goods donated to DAPP containers are collected by Planet Aid UK and carried to their Sorting Center where they are sorted by experienced sorters according to DAPP shops requirements.

The best quality of the clothes is sold in DAPP UK's shops and the rest are sold to different customers who either resell them or recycle and upcycle them. The idea is to use the most out of the donated goods, so that very little goes to waste and most goes to development.

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