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Environmentally Conscious 

What is a conscious choice? How can you have an impact? 


Reduce your carbon foot prints!

Did you know how much energy and resourced goes into making new clothes? Only a t-shirt made from scratch uses 4000 kg of water and 500 grams of chemicals. 7 kg of CO2 are released in production and distribution. 11% of CO2 emissions per household are caused by the manufacturing and distribution of clothing and footwear.

If your unwanted pair of jeans or an old pair of trainers goes on to be worn by someone else, less land, water, fertilizer and cotton has to be used in producing new ones.

You are the one that demands. Once produced the clothes should be worn as long as possible. Buying second hand is part of the solution!

Donate. Don't throw!

Textiles that are thrown in the bin are sent to landfill sites. They can produce toxins which pollute the water we drink and the air we breathe. Textiles and shoes make up 12% of landfill sites. Every single year, discarded clothing in UK that could be recycled, amounts to a full Wembley Stadium! 1 bag of clothes given does more to protect the air than 1 tree does in 1 year.

Our clothing bank might be just around the corner. Pack your preloved goods and donate them for a greater good.

Clothes for development

There is a great demand for used clothing around the world and the clothes provide a reliable source of income for business owners and their families. Why not donate your old clothes to better use?​

Our containers are located in multiple locations in your neighbourhood. Contact us to get the address of your nearest clothing bank or shop.

DAPP UK donates all of its post-processing revenue from recycling used clothing to sustainable development projects. Your old pair of jeans can buy a pen for a child in the Academy for Working Children.

Take action!

Sorting through your textiles and shoes and recycling all of those old items you no longer want, or need can create a lot of space and help you to keep your wardrobe tidy and spacious. Look in your closet, if you have clothes that you haven't wore for a year, those items are just taking up space​.

DAPP UK clothing banks are situated next to your favourite grocery store, next to your other recycling banks and around the corner,you don’t have to go out of your way to help the environment and to support a good cause!

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DAPP UK sells donated clothes and shoes, books and bric-a-brac. Most of these clothes come from our clothing banks placed in the streets. A small part of the donated items is donated directly to the shops.

In order to get the clothes from our clothing banks to the shops, DAPP UK uses Green World Recycling as its main contractor for collection and sorting.(GWR is a not-for-profit company that works to reduce textile waste through projects enabling clothing to be re-worn, re-used or recycled. GWR collects used clothing from the public via clothing banks and either donates this to charity, sells it overseas where demand for such clothing is high or facilitates its recycling. GWR is committed to operating ethically and minimising waste.)

Green World Recycling is the recognized operator on behalf of DAPP UK and is directly responsible for the maintenance of DAPP's clothing banks. The goods donated to DAPP containers are collected by GWR and carried to their Sorting Centre where they are sorted by experienced sorters according to DAPP UK shops requirements and guidelines.

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