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Donate Clothes AND Shoes

Every single new item produced and disposed of requires a huge amount of resources and has a significant impact on the environment and lives of thousands of people.

All those items you cared for and loved deserve a second chance. Every item can be re-loved and offered a new life instead of joining the multitude of textile waste.

Every year hundreds of thousands of garments end up in landfills, over 1 million tonnes of clothing are binned and end up on the landfills or being incinerated, only in the UK.

Donating to a charity is one of the many sustainable alternatives to binning them. This reduces the amount of resources the new clothes are hungry for and reduces the demand for fast fashion.

By donating your unwanted clothes, you help great causes achieve their goals. Not only your choice helps save the environment, but they impact the world we live in.

Share the love you once had for your garments- donate!


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One time donation

Every single penny counts. With your help we can provide education to the poorest of the children and we can support environmental projects.

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There are many ways to get involved and give something to the others. Why not give your time? Our shops are important for the development work we carry. Volunteer in one of DAPP shops and expand your horizons, build your CV, improve your skills and be part of our team. 

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