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The effects of the program

Green Action program in India has been continuously working to promote sustainable farming practices that is economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially beneficial. Introduction of innovative agricultural practices have increased the productivity of crops and simultaneously have reduced the input cost. Therefore, the program will continue to capacitate the farmers’ through trainings, meetings, workshops, crop demonstrations, etc., to ensure enhanced agricultural production through sustainable and improved agriculture technologies.

The program will organize the sessions to educate the community members on the importance of tree plantation for achieving ecological balance. The program will carry out plantation drives wherein saplings will be planted at several community spaces including schools, temples, grounds, etc., and they community members will be motivated to take the initiative of tree plantation on their own. To promote the sense of ownership amongst the community members, the responsibility of maintaining, watering and protection will be allocated to the respective community members.

The farmers will be sensitized on water efficient agricultural practices that will result in saving of water in irrigation, and thus, reduction in groundwater use. Regular meetings and workshops will provide a common platform to the farming community, giving them an opportunity to interact with the fellow farmers and exchange ideas as well as experiences. Soil testing mechanisms will help the farmers to estimate the required nutrients for enriching the soil quality and have a positive effect on the productivity.

The visit to demonstration fields, trainings and farmers’ field days will encourage the farmers to adopt improved methods and the technology with confidence. These activities will bring the farmers’ community together and facilitate interaction with fellow progressive farmers. The technical investigation on ground water scenario, with involvement of the farmers will

sensitize them on judicious use of water in irrigation. The IEC campaigns and wall paintings will help in reaching out to a larger community and in better retention of the message.

Technical support will be provided to the farmers for weed control, disease management and nutrient application. Also, the ways to improve soil fertility will be suggested to ensure that the farmers harvest good quality yield with reduced costs, thereby gaining higher profits on the crop production. The farmers will be educated on the importance of INM and alternative cropping to increase the agricultural productivity in farmer group meetings. Progressive farming methods like increasing income by using best agricultural practices, collective purchase of agriculture inputs, maintenance of soil fertility, prevention of crop damage, etc. will promote a viable method of producing high quality, nutritious produce.

The registration of Farmer’s Producer Organization will set a platform for farmers to have access to agriculture inputs at low cost, a better price for their produce and access to bank linkages for credit support.

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