Welcome to DAPP UK


Development Aid from People to People UK is a registered charity founded in 2007 and supports at the moment two projects in india: an educational project called Academy for Working Children and an environmental project called Tree Planting Action.

We fund-raise money by collecting and selling donated goods, such as clothes and shoes, books and bric & brac.

From casual wear to high-heeled, from traditional to trendy, you will find preloved goods in good condition and fashionable  at reasonable prices. In addition to a large selection of inexpensive ladies, men's and children fashion, there is vintage, home textiles, books and all kinds of household. Your carbon foot print is as low as it can be when purchasing preowned goods, resources are spared, and the item you buy has an impact on someone's better life(a child in India can have a nice lunch for only 5p )

DAPP UK collects clothes and goods in clothing banks and sells them in the shops. There are 4 DAPP stores  in UK.